References of Sanitation Development Planning in Presidential Regulation

14 February 2015 Sanitation, UC PMU 0 Comments

END 2014, the Government of Indonesia has set the Presidential Regulaton 185 of 2014 on Accelerating Drinking Water and Sanitation Provision/PPAMS. This regulation is motivated by consideration that sanitation and drinking water as a common concern (across sectors and concurrent), requires synergy and common reference for the funding of sanitation and drinking water development, as well as the reality that the utilization of sanitation financial resources is not yet optimal to support the development of sanitation.

Sanitation development based on this regulation is defined as an effort in quality improvement and service expansion of domestic solid waste, domestic wastewater, and drainage management in an integrated and sustainable manner through improved planning, institutional, implementation, and good monitoring. Associated with improved sanitation development planning, these regulations explicitly mentions three reference documents that are the National Sanitation Roadmap , the Provincial Sanitation Roadmap, and City Sanitation Strategy (SSK).

National Sanitation Roadmap set by the minister who rule in the provision of sanitation and a reference for ministries, non-ministerial government agencies, and local governments in the implementation of acceleration provision of sanitation. Provincial Sanitation roadmap drawn up by the provincial government with reference to the National Sanitation Roadmap and coordinate with district/city in the region. While the City Sanitation Strategy, set up by the regency and city, refers to the Provincial Sanitation Roadmap with adjustment to their conditions.

With the mention of these three documents explicitly in the Presidential Regulation on PPAMS, strong references available to link sanitation planning in a more formal budgeting process that provides certainty of implementation. Presidential Regulation on PPAMS issued and entered into force since December 22, 2014 (USDP/SL)

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