Presidential Regulation on Acceleration of Drinking Water and Sanitation Provision (PPAMS) Were Issued

12 February 2015 Sanitation, UC PMU 0 Comments

SINCE PPSP program was launched in late 2009, many regencies/cities have shown interest as program participants. Regency/City Alliance for a Better Sanitation (AKKOPSI) was also formed where the Regional Heads incorporated in it are committed to allocate 2% of budget for the construction of sanitation in their region. Sanitation is a form of basic public services which become obligatory functions of local governments, especially the regency/city.

Commitments related to funding, initiated in 2011 has yet to be maximum, average can only allocate 1.2% of the budget. Funding on sanitary affairs quite difficult to be allocated in the budget, synergy with the provincial government funding is often hindered for unavailability of strong legal product reason, so that the planning that has been made is not properly implemented.

In the end quarter of 2013, the need for a policy that became a reference as well as a driver of sanitation funding allocations become even more urgent. In the 2013 Conference of the National Drinking Water and Sanitation (KSAN), the concept of Joint Ministerial Letter rolled and discussed. The conference is also scheduled bilateral meetings between relevant ministries to discuss the urgent need for regulation. Meeting of Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Work resulted in an agreement of funding schemes as follows: funding by the province through SKPDs expenditure; grants and financial aid; gradual transfer of ministry funding through decon/TP to DAK of sanitation and DAK of drinking water; and, the use of other state budget allocations.

Alternative regulation in the form of Joint Ministerial Decree has appeared on Bilateral Meeting, but only agreed later in a series of Echelon-2 Meetings were carried out between December 2013 to April 2014. In addition to this form of regulation, the substance of the arrangement includes the principles of management, implementation of programs and activities, as well as coordination to increase effectiveness is also discussed in coordination with the the Legal Bureau. In this stage, the Ministry of Environment also joined.

Initiatives to improve draft of Joint Ministerial Decree to be the new Presidential Regulation agreed later on Echelon-1 Meeting in May 2014. Presidential Regulation is considered as a more appropriate form of regulation refers to number of ministries involved. Since then, consolidation to The Coordinating Ministry for Public Welfare (currently KemenkoPMK) were intensified in order to ensure the effectiveness and to escort regulation substance. In the City Sanitation Summit XIV in Bandung, Minister Agung Laksono, stated that the issuance of the PPAMS Presidential Regulation included in the list of the last 100-days programs of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Laksono targeting this will be realized prior to October 20, 2014 but the regulation were issued on December 22, 2014 in the reign of Joko Widodo. Although this regulation has been much awaited by the district/city, but socialization deserted since it was set up today (USDP/SL)

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