Pakde Karwo Will Attend AHL Event in Bandung

24 March 2015 AKKOPSI, Sanitation 0 Comments

SURABAYA – East Java Governor, Soekarwo, expressed willingness to attend and share his experiences on Advocacy and Horizontal Learning (AHL) of Regencies and Cities Alliance for Better Sanitation (AKKOPSI) on March 25, which will be held in the city of Bandung. It was revealed in his office on last March 9th, 2015 in front of the Chairperson of AKKOPSI which also Mayor of Balikpapan, HM Rizal Effendi, Executive Director AKKOPSI, Josrizal Zain, and the representatives of Bappeda Malang and USDP.

Governor who was familiarly called Pakde Karwo specifically requested to share about the sanitation budget allocation mechanism from the province to the regencies/cities. As well known, sanitation is one of the obligatory functions of local government as mandated by Act No. 32 of 2004 regarding to Local Government and Government Regulation No. 38 of 2007 regarding to Government Affairs Division of the Government, Provincial Government, and the Local Government. Although it is a obligatory functions of local government, synergy with the provincial government is needed, including in optimizing the sources of funding through the provincial budget.

Not all provinces are sensitive and responsive to the needs of local governments so that sometimes lumbered sanitation development. East Java Province, under the leadership of Pakde Karwo, is an exception. As a provincial leader who had been conduct a pilot project in the sanitation sector, Pakde Karwo still give great attention to the sanitation affairs. He seeks to ensure regencies/cities in his region to get full support for the development of sanitation due to the success of each also contributed to the success of the province.

Of course the allocation of the budget must be in accordance with the mechanisms available and careful planning. As Pangripta Nusantara Utama Award recipients in 2014, which is the highest award for areas that have managed to put together a good plan development and delivery of various innovations and breakthroughs in developement planning, East Java Province felt the need to continue to monitor the extent of the impact and continue to learn from the various dynamics that occur in the field.

In the AHL which will be attended by some of the governor of the provinces that became champions of PPSP program, Pakde Karwo plan to encourage the emergence of the Governors movement to support the regencies and cities in their particular areas.

AHL is one of routine advocacy activities conducted by AKKOPSI to the regional head as well as a forum to share experiences and knowledge among key actors in order to inspire each other. This time, AHL also intended to monitor the strengthening of 348 regional head, members of AKKOPSI, in realizing the commitment of at least 2% allocation of local direct budget for the sanitation sector. The meeting on March 25 is planned to be opened by the Minister of Health, Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek (USDP/AR/SL)

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