Ambitious SSK and MPS are Needed for Universal Access

11 March 2015 Sanitation, UC PIU AE, UC PIU-IF, UC PIU-T, UC PMU 0 Comments

JAKARTA – National PPSP Program (2015-2019) Kick-Off Meeting on March 10, 2015 which took place at the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) marked the commencement of 2015-2019 PPSP program. The event lasted for two days was attended by AMPL/Provincial Sanitation Working Group, PMU and PIUs of PPSP and consultants of the USDP.

2015-2019 PPSP program is expected to continue the success of the  2010-2014 so as to provide a more tangible and even greater benefits for the development of national sanitation. The main focus of PPSP program in 2015 is currently shifting from planning activities to implementation of sanitation development. In a presentation of the PPSP 2015-2019 policy direction, Nugroho Tri Utomo, Director of Settlement and Housing Bappenas as Chairman of the National AMPL Working Group notes on the previous period, “SSK has not yet confident“, and on another occasion he said, “MPS has not been aggressive enough“.

City Sanitation Strategy (SSK) and Memorandum Sanitation Program (MPS) meant by Nugroho Tri Utomo are two of three planning documents provided by regency/city in PPSP stages. SSK and MPS provided is considered less brave enough to target the development of sanitation with broad impact . Most have only been stop on the communal level and on a small scale. Though there is now a higher targets for PPSP program to encourages the development of sanitation with regional and city scale as a response to the challenge of universal access on sanitation by end of 2019.

Note that given by Nugroho Tri Utomo certainly not intended to discourage the participants, especially those from the province. In his presentation, he showed the achievements in the period of 2010-2014 and how it affected for the community. “This PPSP is a program in Indonesia that are not mandatory required, but being the fastest spreading program with wide participation,” he said confidently. He is convinced that there are many things that can be optimized in encouraging the local sanitation development. This note is to inspire and spark the spirit of sanitation actors in the provinces and regencies/cities. “Let’s work together for sanitation!“, so he call before closing his presentation (USDP/SL)

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