DKI Jakarta Targeted 100% Improved Sanitation

11 March 2015 Sanitation, UC PIU AE, UC PIU-IF, UC PIU-T, UC PMU 0 Comments

JAKARTA РRepresentatives of DKI Jakarta was quite surprised by the request of the National AMPL Working Group related to distribution of provincial targets for the achievement of universal access. DKI Jakarta requested able to meet 100% access to proper sanitation in 2019 and was not given a negotiate space to lose a few percent to basic access only. This request was submitted directly by Nugroho Tri Utomo, Director of Settlement and Housing Bappenas and Chairman of the National AMPL Working Group on PPSP 2015 National Kick Off Meeting on March 10, 2015 in Bappenas, Jakarta.

Achieving universal access or access to a 100% coverage of drinking water and sanitation to safeguard drinking water is a direct target of RPJMN 2015 on sanitation. The targets include 85% fulfillment of the Minimum Service Standards (SPM) or improved access, and 15% fulfillment of basic access. Thus National targets need to be converted to the provinces target. Previously, the method used to convert the national target is through the RAD. But now, PPSP Programme Management Unit (PMU) make a breakthrough to speed up the process by using statistical data of each province by looking at provincial progress and the data of population, fiscal capacity, provincial working group capacity and the availability of raw water.

Breakthroughs that are being made to distribute the national targets also consider the cost efficiency and efficiency on equity of achievement. “Each province can see and learn again whether this target can be achieved or can be improved. If the target that has been compiled (seemingly) can not be achieved, then it needs to be discussed together. Each province will be asked to make a distribution table like this for regencies/cities in their area. Target is to optimize the fiscal instruments in the national, provincial or even in local level”, Nugroho Tri Utomo explained (USDP/SL)

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