A support for Improved Sanitation Access in Indonesia

The Urban Sanitation Development Program (USDP) is a technical support project,
within Accelerated Sanitation Development for Human Settlements Program or
Program Percepatan Pembangunan Sanitasi Permukiman (PPSP).

USDP took a role to facilitate and further strengthen GoI institutions at the national, provincial and, indirectly, at the local level to be involved in implementing the program.

Funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, USDP supports over 400 cities and regencies throughout Indonesia with technical, institutional and health related services.


The overall aim of the USDP is to facilitate and support the implementation of PPSP.

More specifically, the objectives are:


Develop capacity in the PMU and PIUs responsible for implementing the PPSP in effectively managing the development of the sector together with the stakeholders at the provincial and local levels;


Consolidate the SSK approach for use by government facilitators and cities throughout the country, while ensuring that the SSKs address the needs of the poor and underserved citizens;


The USDP consultants will provide technical assistance to the PMU and the PIUs to strengthen their capacity in supporting the Provinces and cities with the planning and implementation of sanitation improvements.

  • "Support from USDP is very pronounced in some activities of the regional heads that participated in PPSP. They also got a lot of assistance, especially in order to understand the strategic issues in the provision of community basic services. USDP has been able to build and facilitate informal forum amongst regional heads with hospitality atmosphere without reducing substantial policies that being advocate."

    Illiza Sa'aduddin Jamal, S.E., Mayor of Banda Aceh/AKKOPSI Director 2013-2017 - Head of Advocacy

  • “At City Sanitation Summit XIV that held in Bandung (2014), AKKOPSI or Regency/City Alliance for Better Sanitation gave special recognition to USDP as 'Best Partner' for accompanying AKKOPSI to boost the successful of Accelerated Sanitation Development Program for Human Settlements (PPSP). AKKOPSI was initiated by 12 Mayors, but now the member is consists of 348 Regents and Mayors across Indonesia. This achievement cannot be separated from the support of USDP experts"

    Josrizal Zain, AKKOPSI Executive Director /Mayor of Payakumbuh 2002 - 2012